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How to lighten dyed dark brown hair to light brown hair at home in just a couple of days

Today I want to show you my ultimate guide on how to lighten dark (dyed) hair to a light brown in just a few days.

A while ago a hair dresser made a "mistake" by dyeing my hair instead of toning it. I was devistated but quickly took matters into my own hands and pulled out my dyeing tricks.

I wasn't gonna let another hair dresser fix it because I am too scared to ever go to a hair dresser again now and I don't want to spend my money anymore if I can do it better myself for far less money.

Day 1

The first thing I did was wash my hair about five times. This is important to get rid of as many pigment as possible so the hair can soak up more lighter dyes again. I also used baking soda but I don't recommend it because it makes hair super dry, squeeky and hard to comb.

Day 2

Next I used Garnier Belle Color 11 in Light Ash Blonde. I forgot to keep my roots for the final 10 minutes and almost got hot roots, well I got them a little bit but fixed it with my f…

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